July 31, 2010

Viva Brazil!

There are a number of good things that come out of Brazil: soccer, blowouts, and BBQ. With the help of family members, we didn't hold back with the churrasco (pronounced "shoo-RAS-koo") and all the dressing that compliment it.

pictured above (all homemade):
  • Coxinha (pronounced "co-sheen-nyah") Chicken Croquettes - This traditional Brazilian treat are small pocket duvets filled with chicken, cream cheese, and herbs. Deep-fried in buttery breadcrumb batter, this is a perfect on-the-go snack! Recipe here.
  • Brazilian-Korean rice - Buttery, garlicy, delicious. Recipe here.
  • Salsa and pickled onion salad are refreshing sides to top your hearty, smoky, juicy pieces of meat. These were prepared by the bride's mother and aunt. Legit.

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