July 31, 2010

SK's Donuts & Croissant

French cruller, my favorite from the donut family. (less than $1) 
Give me one french cruller and a DD coffee and I'd be set to go!

I appreciate donuts, but I can't say I'm its biggest fan. (sorry, Ross. I will still go to Dad's though, don't you worry). However, as an avid fan of food, I will seek out the best of the bests, even if it involves sitting through gross traffic and driving around questionable drivers (Why are there so many of you?). And with that mission in mind, I found myself at SK's -- arguably, home of the best donut in LA.

Since I'm no donut expert, I can't definitively say whether it was "the best" or not, however, I will say it was pretty damn tasty! Go try for yourself.

*Update, as of 5/8/13*
I've recently been informed that you can now order your fave donuts online either through your desktop or smartphone! Ingenious. Check out their new website here: http://skdonuts.com

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cuisine: Donut shop
location: Mid-Wilshire
hours: 24 hours, what?!
website: { SK Donutyelp }
good for: anytime you like
attire: Casual
parking: street or lot