June 01, 2010

Hello, World!

Five years ago, I started cataloging my food journeys with the hopes of launching a food blog someday.
Today, it has finally happened. 

Welcome to my humble untitled blog* where I will share my culinary adventures from inside my kitchen to the vast array of places life will unexpectedly, or in some cases, predictably, take me. 

*I'm currently seeking a witty and creative blog title name. Please submit your suggs in the comment section below. For a little incentive, winner will get a free dinner at 8oz. Burger Bar. To kick it up a notch, that dinner will be with me! :D

In other news, Papa John's is having a $10 special on any large pizza and $12 for XL! Bon Appetit!


  1. welcome to the food blog world!!!! congratulations on your new little baby :) can't wait to read more...and maybe be a taste tester for you when i'm in town :) heehee