June 23, 2014

Pizza Rev

Pizza Rev is a fast-food chain.  Before some of you judge and dismiss this restaurant on that ground alone, hear me out.

Dubbed as the Chipotle of pizza, you can eat a personal-size oven-fired pizza with unlimited toppings for less than $8 (not including tax).  Not only is it a good deal, the toppings offered are fresh and of great variety.  Whether it be gluten-free crust, meat-lover's delight, or a hearty vegetarian option, Pizza Rev will deliver (not literally).  

Note: If you're not a fan of thin-crust pizza, you probably won't be a fan.  

Fancy Coca-Cola Soda Fountain

Craft-Your-Own - chicken, green bell pepper, red onion, red sauce, mozzarella on regular crust.

Create-Your-Own -- Italian sausage, green bell pepper, tomato, jalapeno, mushroom, basil, mozzarella on GF crust.

If you're not in a creative mood, just pick a pre-selected option.  If you're not in the pizza mood, Pizza Rev also has some limited salad options.  If you have a kid, check out the kids' menu.
So the next time you're craving a quick and convenient meal, consider crafting own pizza at Pizza Rev.  It's simple and delicious.

cuisine: Pizza
locations: Multiple, including Mid-City LA (pictured here).  Also, locations to come in Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah!
hours: Daily; 11am-10pm
websites: { PR | yelp | facebook | twitter | instagram }
attire: Casual
parking: Free parking lot/ structure
notes: Pizzas are thin-crust; Credit cards accepted; Alcohol served at limited locations.

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