February 01, 2014

Bittersweet Treats

Friends, it has been a minute, but I'm back and ready to guide you through another year of delicious and memorable meals. And though we're already in February, it's still a new year and I hope it is/ you are still very happy!

Though the name of the following Pasadena bakery might suggest otherwise, Doah's Hungry is kicking off the 2014 posts on a purely sweet note!

Despite some bittersweet happenings in 2013, Bittersweet Treats also kicked off 2014 on a sweet note by showcasing some of its specialties at a dessert tasting and proving that it will continue to provide delectable treats to local Pasadenans and visitors alike.  

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Classic Cooooookies . . . that is good enough for me!
Chewy, moist, buttery, and delicious, as cookies should be (in my humble opinion).

The Brown Butter Cookie has garnered particular attention because it incorporates -- you guessed it -- browned butter.  FYI: Browning the butter creates another dimension to the cookie, allowing the nutty undertones of the cookie to shine.  Recipe here.

The Brown Butter Cookie was a bit too crunchy and sweet for me, but I imagine it would be perfect with a cup of LAMILL coffee, which Bittersweet Treats not only serves, but has a special house blend that was specially paired to go with their desserts!

Cake Pops, courtesy of Angel Cakepops.
Can't stop, won't stop, with just one pop.

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Fresh Fruit Jellies
Tasty! Be jelly.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies
Hooray for retro confections like this treat -- cream smooshed between two, crunchy red velvet cookies -- that will make you (audibly or silently) yelp, "Whoopie!"

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Bread Pudding, soaked in bourbon sauce, brown butter, and toasted pecans.
I'm not usually a bread pudding fan because it tends to be too gooey and decadent, but it had me at first bite.  Smitten!

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Cheddar Bacon Pepper Scones and Caramelized Onion & Bacon Quiche

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A true bakery should be able to handle salt as well as it works its magic with sugar. Thankfully, Bittersweet Treats offers some savory choices, too.  Next to the bread pudding, the bacon scone is one of my faves.  As for the quiche, the eggs must've been whisked well because it fluffy and as light as caramelized onion and bacon can be.

Gluten-free, Flourless Chocolate Cake
Offered M, W, F.

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Flourless chocolate is de-ca-dent!  A small slice can surely go a long way.  Make sure you try to get some of the glazed cherries to accompany your bite of chocolately heaven -- one bite was enough for me.

Flourless Goat Cheesecake with Balsamic-soaked Figs and Pecan Crust
Another flourless tart that was less rich as the chocolate cake, but carries its own weight.  The figs really enhances the treat.

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Coffee & Ice Cream
Can be eaten/ drunk separately or together (affrogato, baby!)

Cute interior.

Like most bakeries, Bittersweet Treats makes fresh treats daily, but also offers catering and orders for special events.  However, unlike most bakeries, Bittersweet Treats hosts fun specials like "Throwback Thursday" to embrace nostalgia and bring back childhood faves like homemade twinkies and ding-dongs.  For those more adventurous, stop by on a Friday for "Test Kitchen Friday"and allow the chefs to delight your tastebuds with creative concoctions.  Last, but not least, Sweet Saturdays will help sweeten up your weekend and daily Happy Hour (4pm-5pm) will help out your wallet with 30% off all baked goods.  Needless to say, there're many reason to check this place out!  And don't get me started on all the reasons why you should indulge in an occasional cookie, cake, or tart.  #treatyoself.

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cuisine: Desserts
location: Pasadena
hours: M-Th: 8am-6pm; F-Sat: 8am-7pm; closed Sundays.
happy hours: Daily from 4pm-5pm -- 30% off all baked goods!
websites: { BT | yelp | facebook | twitter | instagram }
attire: Casual
parking: Free lot behind bakery or street meters
notes: Free wifi.  Great place to get work done or take a date post-dinner. Also, if there's something you'd like or you're afraid something will be running low, feel free to call ahead and express your concerns.  The only thing they'd bite is their own delicious treats -- in other words, they're friendly folks!

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