March 14, 2012

Han Bat Sul Lung Tang

Sidenote: This is my 300th post!

Now, onto my review...

Han Bat serves two things, but it's best known for one thing: sul lung tang.  Sul lung tang (설렁탕) is a hot, slow-cooked soup made from boiling oxtail and other beef bones/ parts (don't be grossed out, my veggie readers).  The cloudy soup -- due to the boiling of the bones -- quenches your thirsts and satisfies your hunger at the same time.  And for unstated reasons, it is especially tasty on a cold day or after a long night of throwing back Soju shots.  Your body will thank you.

I always order the Brisket because quite frankly, I'm not brave enough to venture into any of the other "adventurous" choices.  This is probably why I would never get chosen to host my own travel/ food show.  Besides, Anthony Bourdain has that all covered.

The soup comes out au naturale (aka - pretty bland).  Even I, who typically doesn't mind blander foods, toss in a generous spoonful of sliced scallion mix (with soy sauce and hot chili peppers) or a few chunks of daikon kimchi into the bowl, both of which are complimentary.  If you're crazy about salt, shake in some of that too.  Slowly watch the cloudy base turn into a pink and dig in!

It's quite simple, really.  
So give them a try.

P.S. - Though limited, they do speak English.  Even if your server doesn't, pointing and smiling does no harm.

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cuisine: Korean
location: Koreatown
website: yelp
hours: 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
attire: Casual
parking: street or back parking lot ($2)
other reviews: { LA Weekly | eat, drink & be merry }