March 10, 2012

FarmShop { Brentwood }

There's no better way to kick off the weekend than with a delicious brunch at a lovely restaurant in a pleasant neighborhood.  FarmShop in the Brentwood Country Mart, I'm talkin' about chu.

I pass by FarmShop on the daily.  In fact, it has been this way for over a year.  But for some reason, it took me much too long for me to finally check the darn place out.  Good thing I finally did 'cause I was missing out.

What's the big deal about FarmShop?  Well, for one, it's Cali-native Jeff Cerciello's first restaurant.  Who is Mr. Cerciello, you ask?  Only the Culinary Director for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group for 13 years and a key player in the launch of New York's Ad Hoc Restaurant.  In essence, Cerciello was Thomas Keller's reliable right hand man for some time.

If that still doesn't mean anything to you, don't fret.  Basically it means this place is going to produce great dishes using some of the best ingredients.  Your money -- though you'll be spending a generous chunk of it here -- won't go to waste.

The FS Artisan Market is teeming with all sorts of delicacies.  From fresh produce to baked goods and my ultimate vice - CHEESE - the this shop is fully stocked.  Whether you're into good food or not, it's worth a gander.

If you're more interested in sitting and eating, "here and now," FarmShop's got you covered.

Cool lighting

The indoor restaurant space is not very spacious, but they make do with what they have very well.  There's also something very inviting about dining in natural sunlight, even if it's not direct.  For those into outdoor dining, there is patio area too.

Everything on their menu sounds delightful


LAMILL coffee

French Toast - blackberries, whipped creme fraiche & Hobbs' bacon - $14

There was a point in my life when I disliked pancakes and French Toast.  Waffles were on my "okay" list.  Needless to say, I let one (or two) unfortunate pancake and French Toast incidents ruin what otherwise could have been very happy pancake times.  I'm so glad they are both back in my life.  And in full force, no less -- whipped creme fraiche, blackberries, and pistachios, what?

Frittata - Windrose Farm wild kale, roasted squash, green garlic confit, burrata - $18
Burrataaa on my frittataaa.  Can't get enough.

Pastrami & Eggs - sunny-side eggs, heirloom cauliflower, pole beans, wild mushrooms & green tomato ketchup - $17.50
Simply delightful.

FarmShop is a great place to brunch or have a nice power lunch.  Bring your coworkers, bring your fam & friends!  I'm pretty sure everyone will enjoy.

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cuisine: American
location: Brentwood/ Santa Monica
websites: { FS | yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: free lot
average meal: $20
notes: Get. the. French. Toast.