July 22, 2011

Marlowe SF

During my recent trip to SF, I left it up to my BFF to take me to the "best eats."  I figure after living in the city for almost a decade, she knew what's up, what's in, and what's what.  I figured correctly.  And with that well-placed trust, I ended up at Marlowe for dinner.

Marlowe is your classic, rustic bistro that retains its charm in its simple decor (chalkboard of specials; small tabletop candles; wood-paneled walls) and cozy seating.  In many ways it reminded me of Gjelina in Venica, CA.  For the most part, the food met expectations too.

Spicy Prawns

Beet & Burrata Little Gem Salad - seasonal special

Of the two appetizers, my fave was - to no surprise - the burrata.  The spicy prawns were good, but I could only have one.  To me, the "spicy" just translated to "salty," but K seemed to enjoy them.  But back to the burrata.  Rich, creamy, and just perfect.  The garden-variety collection of beets drenched with a raspberry balsamic sauce was definitely a two-thumbs up.

Poulet Vert

For a slow-roasted chicken, I expected the meat - not the skin - to be juicier and less saltier (have I become more sensitive to salty foods?!).  With all things considered, the chicken was well-marinated and the small side of greens and fingerling potatoes added a fine touch.

Marlowe Burger

Having a decent amount of press about the Burger, I knew what I was going to order before even getting to the restaurant.  Let's just say, I was not one bit disappointed.  The beefy burger is juicy, but not too heavy.  The brioche bun adds a sweet touch.  The bacon adds a hint of saltiness and crunch for good texture.  The caramelized onions were fantastic, and I'm not even a huge onion fan.  The side of fries were perfectly-made and the horseradish aioli was addictive.  Who would've thought horseradish could be so delish?   Well played, Marlowe.

After being completely stuffed, we had to skip on dessert, but they have quite a good selection of post-dinner indulgence items too.  If you're in SOMA, stop by Marlowe for a chill evening with good food (burger!) and wine.

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cuisine: American
location: SOMA
website: { M | yelp }
attire: Casual
parking: street
notes: Make reservations. Get the Marlowe Burger. Apparently their Crispy Chicken Sandwich is winning too.