June 25, 2011

Cabbage Patch

When I was working in DTLA prior to law school, there were only a handful of restaurants that I would frequent for lunch: Loose Leafs (still the best salad place downtown methinks); Mendocino Farms (the OG Cal Plaza location); GCM (still the best Mexican), and Wolfgang Puck's (which has now been replaced with Urbano Pizza Bar)  Now there are two Mendo's, Chipotle, Starry Kitchen, and Cabbage Patch, just to name a few.  I found myself at the Cabbage Patch one sunny afternoon.  Here's what I thought:

1) The lentil soup is bomb.  And I don't even consider lentil a favorable bean.  But the soup, with beans and all, was hearty, but refreshing at the same time.  De-lish.

Small lentil soup is not that small - $4

2) The yam fries are also bomb-tastic.  The ketchup is no ordinary ketchup.  Better than Heinz, people.

Yam Wedges - $4

3) The fresh grilled flatbread with garlic hummus?  Bomb-diggity.  (sense a theme here?)

Flatbread with hummus - $6

4) Jidori Chicken Bowl with salad (as opposed to rice) is as fresh and terrific as it looks.

Jidori Chicken Bowl - $12
I can't wait to return to try some of their other items (sandwiches, salads, kebobs, rotisserie chicken)!  Cheers to healthy(er) eating!

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cuisine: American
location: Downtown LA
website: { CP | yelp }
attire: Casual 
parking: will suck if you don't already work in downtown LA.  Best luck is street parking, but read signs carefully.
notes:There's seating upstairs too.