May 26, 2011

To Make

Hello, friends, strangers, fellow food-lovers!

I thought life would be a bit calmer this summer, but boy, was I wrong!  In an ideal world, I would be cooking up a storm right now and sharing both my successes and failures here.  But sadly, my life has been far from ideal (two car accidents in less than 2 weeks?!) and I haven't really made anything since those fantastic guacquitos.

With a long weekend just around the corner, I'm hoping to change all that.
Here's my current list of top foods to create:

1) PB & J Hamburger w/ bacon or thinly sliced SPAM { kind of like this }

2) Sangria Popsicles { kind of like this }

3) Kalbi Frachos { kind of like this... but with Korean-marinated short rib meat and some tortilla chips for texture }

4) Baked Cake Donuts { like this and this }

Where do I even get these ideas?  Some from browsing other food blogs, but most from my dreams. These are the few I can still remember!

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, and remember, stay creative! :)

Check back soon for updates.

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