May 30, 2011

TJ's Famous BBQ

... is not a real restaurant.  But it might as well be! 

Fortunately, being TJ's old (not in age) friend, I was invited to one of his exclusive BBQs.  To top it off, I gleefully learned that "once you're on the invite list, you're always on the invite list."  Holler to that, sons!

What in the world am I talking about? Please take a look and try not to salivate on your computers (unless you're already planning to get a new one).  Also, please keep in mind that nearly everything you're about to see was home-freakin-made by chef TJ.  This includes the meat patties, bacon, buns, fries, ice cream, slightly under-baked chocolate chip cookies, and... am I missing anything else?  You get the point.

The evening's highlights were these three bad boys:

How'd we get there?  First, the bomb-burger:

The making of the meat patties.  Oops, how'd the Goose get in there?

A hearty mix of grounded sirloin, chuck, and rib-eye with some bacon fat

Shape 'em into thick patties and get 'em on the grill.

Grilling some veggies and homemade bacon slices on the side. Kind of like ssamgyupsal.

Homemade sesame seed buns - fluffy and very buttery.

Let's see.  Do we want sharp cheddar, swiss, pepper jack or blue cheese?

The bacon gave off a sweet, hickory taste thanks to the molasses. 

Ate my first few bites untainted.  Don't mind the bun - nibbled off a few bites

Around 9:00 PM, we started getting a little more creative.  Annette executed, but I suggested - cheese-stuffed patties!

Next up: genuine German brats and kielbasa:

I was thinking of going bacon-wrapped, but we ran out of bacon.  Probably a good thing considering everything else I ate

Lastly, something sweet to round out all the flavors: the Pizookie, but TJ's > BJ's fosho.

Did I mention that even the ice cream is homemade?

Single and looking?  Chef TJ Dong is your man.  Muhaha.
(Don't kill me, TJ)
PS - He's not really a chef.

Along with great food, I spent the evening catching up with some really good people, some of whom I haven't seen in nearly 10 years!  Whether it was at the bar, yelling "cheers!" with fervor and inhaling anything and everything TJ tossed our way (seriously, like ravenous dogs) or chillin' on the patio chairs talking about couponing while inhaling (again) homemade "pizzakies," or hanging around TJ's homemade fire pit (made from a washing machine!), it was all sweet times. 
{ Even if most of you are turning 30 next year (and you are "omg!" old), it was all sweet times (ha).  But we can't deny, there were many things to be thankful for, albeit unsaid. }

Now that I've written this up and feeling somewhat mushy gushy inside, maybe it's a good thing that TJ doesn't have his own restaurant.  Then, we (the lucky, chosen ones) would have to share the delicious food and "joeun sheegans" (literal translation of "good times" in Korean) with the rest of the world, and I don't know; I don't think I'm ready to be that generous quite yet.  But don't worry, I may consider bringing you to TJ's next BBQ as my guest(s).

Have a wonderful Memorial Day eating yummy [American] food and honoring the young and old, living and dead soldiers who serve(d) our country with great courage.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. teej always has the best bbqs ever!! great meeting you there!