April 22, 2011

Keep it Snappy: Eating Snap Peas... and Enjoying it!

Spring is here... well, it's been here.  In fact, now that we're knee-deep into April, we're probably on the brink of stripping down to our swimsuits, lathering up on sunscreen, and running toward the glittering ocean, freely, fearlessly, and very giggly (or maybe that's just me?).  While the line between spring and summer is fuzzy for us lucky Californians, there are still subtle differences in weather, fashion, and what I highlight here: food.

When I think springtime, I think sugar snap peas.  They're sweet, light, and crunchy.  They're rich in vitamins (like vit. A and vit. C) and minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium).  They have no fat, no cholesterol, and very little sodium.  And best of all, this tasty food is both low-maintenance (you can eat the pod) and versatile (you can eat it raw, steamed, sauteed, roasted, or even pickled!).  So given all this, why wouldn't you pick up a bag of sugar snap peas over a bag of kettle-chips or pork rinds?  Just something to keep in mind during your next grocery run to TJ's or your local supermarket.  (I got the above-pictured bag at Whole Foods).

Snack away, guilt-free!

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