April 23, 2011

Fig & Olive

I love figs, I love olives, and I love New York City.  With those things already checked off, I knew my first visit to Fig & Olive, a NY transplant that debuted in LA this past March, would be off to a great start.  And it was.  It ended quite well too.  Here's a recap.

1) The architecture inside is contemporary sleek, but inviting.  The white linens that adorn the place is stark, but not sterile.  The interior design is simple with thought-out details.  High ceilings.  No matter where you sit in the restaurant, you will be surrounded by bottles and bottles of wine!  In many ways, the vibe is reminiscent of Southern France, and apparently the Hamptons.  Perfect place for a casual lunch or a romantic dinner.  Cheers.  5/5.

Wine, wine, wine!  Some of these might be olive oil too.

2) It has a patio.  Though enclosed, the two roof windows invite a lot of natural sunlight that you feel like you're sitting outdoors... sans the flies and other bugs.  Splendid.  5/5.

3) Maybe it's because we arrived when the restaurant first opened, but the service was impeccable.  We're talking like three waitstaff, not including the server, per table.  Considering there were maybe only 4 other parties in the entire restaurant, this isn't saying much, but the service we received was very attentive and very polite.  Gracias.  5/5.

3 Crostini Plate - $9.50

4) In true European form, this place highlights small plates, and they do it well!  With France, Italy, and Spain as key influences on the cuisine, the food is plated simply, but the tastes that follow is more complex and multi-dimensional (in a good way).  A & I sampled the Asparagus & Truffle Oil Poached Eggs and three different crostini topped with: (a) manchego, fig, and almond; (b) proscuitto, ricotta, fig, olive, walnut; and (c) citrus salmon, ricotta, and cilantro.  I savored each bite.  Yumz.  5/5.

Citrus salmon cut up in ceviche-style pieces, ricotta, scallion, cilantro all on toasted crostini

Proscuitto (salty), ricotta, olive tapenade, walnut, FIG on crostini

Manchego cheese, fig spread, and almond on crostini

Perfectly poached eggs on perfectly baked olive bread, red peppers, asparagus and olive truffle oil - $15
No mess more beautiful than this.

5) The only "blah" part is that the food is priced on the steeper side.  Being in WeHo, I shouldn't be too surprised, but visits to F&O will have to be limited to special occasions.  But I can live with that.

But seriously, who cares what I say.  Go try for yourself!

Complimentary Madeline cookies!

It also does not hurt that the weather was in the 70s -- breezy with lots of sunshine.  LA, you are wonderful.

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cuisine:  Mediterranean
location: WeHo
hours: M-Sat: 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM; dinners: 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM(ish - depending on the day); Sun: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
website: F&O | yelp }
attire: Casual (day); Dressy (night)
parking: street meters on street or valet.
notes: Try to go when the restaurant first opens to avoid long waits and mediocre service.  Here's what J. Gold thinks { review }
try: Anything with fig and olive (duh).