December 20, 2010

2010: The Moments

Mother Nature was uncommonly unkind this year. Haiti's earthquake left 230,000 dead, and monsoons left one-fifth of Pakistan underwater. An Antarctic collision between an iceberg and a glacier gouged out a chunk of sea ice the size of Luxembourg, an effusive Icelandic volcano stranded travelers across Europe, and the winter was so warm that Canadians couldn't even make ice for their Olympics. Mankind, meanwhile, seemed uncommonly hapless: BP couldn't plug the leak, lawmakers couldn't balance a checkbook, and an octopus made more accurate predictions than most economists did. Yet memory -- that deft makeup artist -- may brighten the year in hindsight. A certain seriousness has set in, as citizens served notice to their leaders that the rules have changed, the stakes have risen. There was a reason the world stopped to watch and wonder as 33 trapped miners returned one by one from their near grave: we wanted to celebrate grace under pressure, discipline in the face of despair. And not settle, in ourselves, for anything less.
 Nancy Gibbs | TIME

2010 has been an incredible for our world at large.
Perhaps it was unpredictable for you on a personal level as well.
As you spend the few remaining weeks of the year with your friends, family, and other loved ones, take some time to reflect on the past twelve months: the many blessings you've been gifted (like your next meal, the roof over your head, the people who give hugs that warm your soul), the losses you've endured, and the joys and griefs that overcame your spirits in surprisingly similar ways. Whether you find 2010 favorable or not, continue to love, thank, and be active.
Above all, stay hungry [for life].

See you in 2011, friends!

*taking a short hiatus until January*

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