September 26, 2010

AK Fest 2010

I have been eating off of roach coaches ever since they were solely viewed as unsanitary vehicles serving heart-attack inducing food.
Suddenly, just as the cupcake craze and fro-yo frenzy swept LA, the truck trend invaded the streets (starting with Kogi).* Now you're cool if you stalk and chase after food trucks (thanks, Twitter). You're hip if you stand in a ridiculously long line and pay $5+ for a small taco and a drink. "Meals-on-wheels" doesn't sound so unappetizing anymore. Everyone wants in on the truck action, including Food Network { link }. I find nothing wrong with this -- rather, it amuses me.

Anyway, let's get to the meat of this entry -- Abbott Kinney Street Festival, aka - Food Trucks Galore! { link }

1) The Grilled Cheese Truck { link }

Brie Melt (double cream brie, sliced pears & honey on cranberry walnut bread) - $6.75

2) Border Grill Truck { link }

(Left) Carne Asada Quesadilla w/ fresh guac, caramelized onions and guajillo salsa - $6
(Right; top down) Yucatan Pork Taco (roasted achiote pork, pickled onion, orange salsa on handmade corn tortilla) - $2.50; and 2 Crispy Baja Fish Tacos (chipotle honey, cream salsa fresca on homemade corn tortilla) - $3/ each

I was impressed with the sweet flavors of the pork taco -- the orange salsa + daikon combo really brings out the spices in the pork. The fish taco was equally delicious -- the cream salsa brings out the freshness in the fish, but the chipotle honey complements the fried batter. Overall, the balance was on-point.

I really wanted to love the quesadilla; really, I did. While there was nothing particularly wrong with it, I found it underwhelming. I will say that the manchego, panela, and cotija cheeses added an interesting dimension to the overall taste.

Up close and personal:

3) The Dim Sum Truck { link }

 Har Gow (shrimp & bamboo) - $2.50 for 3

 Turnip Cakes w/ sweet garlicky dipping sauce - $3

 Sticky Rice (sausage, muchroom, shrimp hiding underneath), served wrapped in a Lotus Leaf

Shu Mai (pork, mushrooms, shrimp) - $2.50 for 3 

Considering it's off a truck, the food fares pretty well. Since SGV is no longer a 20 min. drive away, this will sufficiently give me my dim sum fix. Must try the pork buns and duck taco next time!

4) Tapa Boy { link }

Tocino Pork Bowl (sweet cured, subtly caramelized pork pieces over garlic rice with celery, pickled radishes, and tomatoes on the side and a fried egg)

The pork was surprisingly tender and flavorful. Filipinos, represent!

And now the meat:

I'm not quite sure what that is exactly... but a carnivore's dream come true, fosho. 

Unfortunately for us, the line for Nom Nom Truck was down the street, literally. Next time, T! :)

BBQ Pork Banh Mi from last year's AK Fest - yumz!

And... that's a wrap! Keep truckin', folks.


*Supposedly, SM is giving the food truck lot idea another shot { eater LA } Better luck this time around?

Find your favorite food truck by city here: { mobi munch } { find food trucks }