July 20, 2010


veggie salad w/ extra fajita green bell peppers, red onions, black beans, guaaac, fresh tomato salsa w/ chipotle-honey vinegrette

Old news: I really like Chipotle.
New news:  Ordering online is possibly the best idea ever. You order, you get to restaurant, you bypass the line, you pay, you eat, you be happy. :)

While I'm not the biggest fast-food person, there are definitely a handful of places I'll stop by to satisfy those inexplicable cravings. Chipotle is certainly one of them. They even have a "story." [ read here ]
"Food with Integrity."

cuisine: Mexican
location: multiple -- find a location near you!
website: { yumz }
good for: L, D
cost: $6-10

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