June 25, 2010


Silverlake = trend spot central.
Despite my lack of skinny jeans, torn, raggedy-lookin' tops that really cost $100 each, and a pair of TOMS, I'll venture into hipsterville for the food. Because it's simple. And it's good.

My experience at Forage was no different. I went with the much-raved about pork belly sandwich, and well, all that raving was well-deserved. The moistness of the pork belly with the green garlic aioli was such a winning combo! I also sampled the mac n cheese (cheesy), the fennel salad w/ citrus and olives (slightly more citrusy than expected), the yukon potato salad w/ capers and dijon mustard (buttery), and the "pot o' beans," aka - oversized Cannellini beans topped with herb crumbs and cheese (yums). For dessert, we devoured the strawberry & apricot trifle (kind of airy, in a good way). Round 2 = Intellgentsia Cafe.
Silverlake, you are good to us. We shall return.


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cuisine: American
location: Silverlake, CA
website: { forage , yelp } menu changes daily
good for: L, D
cost: $10-20

*edit: EAT:LA