June 27, 2010

best chocolate chip cookie (v.1)

America's favorite cookie is probably the classic chocolate chip cookie. So it comes as no surprise that every amateur and pro baker alike, is on the hunt to find that perfect recipe that yields the best batch of perfect goodness. Google can attest.

Naturally, I have been a part of this search too. Results included everything from puffy, cake-y cookies to ultra thin snaps. Recently I came across this "best ever" recipe and this "best ever" recipe and decided, 'Hm, why not combine it to create a "best best ever ever" recipe?!' (yes, I admit my reasoning is a bit wonky sometimes).

Well, guess what folks! Strange combos can make for delicious dishes. The only downside is that they are incredibly short-lived. (I made 2 dozen 20 min. ago and they're already gone!) The upside is that they are incredibly short-lived. (They're ridiculously addictive... and I didn't even put in any crack!) :)

Good luck on your baking, fellow cookie monsters!

yield: ~ 4 dozen
type: Dessert
difficulty: Easy
cost: $

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