May 23, 2010

26 Beach

pictured (top-bottom): Chorizo Royal Eggs; The Stuffed One; Breakfast Sandwich

After being cooped up in an unpleasant cave during a dreadful time (aka - law school finals), the first thing I scheduled was a brunch with some lovely ladies. Life just becomes more complete with brunch, no?

So after a mini debate between sweet and savory, I ordered the Chorizo Royal which consisted of two scrambled eggs w/ chorizo, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, all served over brown rice (savory FTW). Though it could have used another scoop of guac and I could have done without the rice (yes, I really am Asian), the subtle spiciness of the chorizo balanced well with the fresh salsa and guac, thus making an overall delicious plate.

Note: Having a retractable ceiling is nifty and even a bit whimsical, but even with large umbrellas, you might be the unlucky one stuck with sun-in-face. And sans sunglasses, that will be just miserable. Then again, the charm of the place might win you over regardless. Pay 26 Beach a visit and find out for yourself!

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cuisine: American
neighborhood: Marina Del Rey, CA
website: { 26 beach }
good for: B, L, D
cost: $10- $15